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Remorse Code

Glass Book, 2015. Each page has one letter on it in morse code, spelling out the word R E M O R S E as they sink down and back through the book's transparent pages. Bound with rubber and steel fittings.The collophon is engraved with scribbled apologies, 9 pages total. 8" x 5" x 6" 


This book was exhibited at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, England in Technology and the Artist Book, curated by Maddy Rosenberg and is in the rare book collection at Reed College's library in Portland, Oregon. 

Photo: Nell Ytsma

Core Sample

of History

Artist's Book, 2014. All four volumes of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon were die-cut and drilled to make a stack of 6,00o pages arranged to resemble a geological core sample. The pages rotate around a glass vial filled with dirt which is encased in a brass sleeve. This piece represents how history repeats itself senselessly when it isn't studied.  7" x 6" x 14" 

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