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Curriculum VITAE



Book Art


Work on Paper

Mathematical Art

Sarah Stengle

586 Smith Avenue South

Saint Paul, MN 55107

(609) 529-6753


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, MFA 1988

Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, BFA 1984



  • Phoenix-Brighton Gallery, Evolution of the Artist’s Book, April 30–July 12, 2016, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. 

  • Central Booking Art Space, Animal, Vegetable......Mineral!, an exhibit of artwork related to minerology, April–May 29, 2016, New York, NY.

  • Saint Paul Art Crawl, Inward Music Defrosted, installation and  participatory performance piece including sculptural harps and an antique military celesta placed inside a very large camera obscura constructed inside a kitchen (Cocina Obscura) by David Enblom. April 22­–24th, 2016, Saint Paul, MN.

  • Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (MCBA), The River, March 4–July 10, 2016, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Art Shanties, Inward Music on Ice, an installation with a participatory musical component that takes place on the ice, four two-hour perfomances during February, 2016, White Bear Lake, MN.

  • Textile Center, Common Thread, January 7–February 17, 2016, Minneapolis, MN; my piece Shame will be included in the Textile Center’s exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair in August, 2016. 

  • Traveling exhibit, AND: Building Community through Art, This exhibition of postcards by artists will be displayed at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN; the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and culminating at the University of Iowa, where it will remain in the Iowa Print Archive, Iowa City, IA.

  • Central Booking Art Space, Twisted Data, an exhibit of artwork related to phrenology, November 19, 2015–January 24, 2016, New York, NY.

  • Joint Mathematical Meetings (JMM), Exhibition of Mathematical Art, Postcard from Perga, Book I, Prop 54, Washington State Convention Center, January 6–9, 2016, Seattle, WA.

  • Central Booking Art Space, Dig, an exhibit of artwork related to archeology, February 12–April 5, 2015, New York, NY. 

  •  Joint Mathematical Meetings (JMM), Exhibition of Mathematical Art, exhibited Nearest Neighbor Problem, a collaborative work done with photographer Tim Carpenter, January 10­–13, 2015, Hyatt, San Antonio, TX.

  • Central Booking Art Space, Building, an exhibit of artwork related to architecture and engineering, September 2–November 2, 2014, New York, NY. Center for Book Arts, Livre d’Artiste d’Aujourd’hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations, organized by Alexander Campos and Maddy Rosenberg. July 23–September 27, 2014, New York, NY. 

  • Central Booking Art Space, Common Descent, an exhibit of wearable book art by gallery artists, April 17–June 8, 2014, and exhibit on the theme of evolution, New York, NY.

  • Central Booking Art Space, thREADs, an exhibit of wearable book art by gallery artists, September 12, 2013, in conjunction with UN/natural Occurrences, the inaugural exhibit of Central Booking’s new space in Manhattan, New York, NY.

  • Cooperative Art Gallery, Book as Art, an exhibit of handmade books curated by Peg Johnston, February 11–23, 2013, Binghamton, NY.

  • Saint Paul Art Crawl, exhibited at 262 East Fourth Street, by invitation of Rachel Wacker, October 4–6, 2013, Saint Paul, MN.

  • Alexander Library, Special Collections, Afterlife, The Literary and Cultural Influence of John Milton, February 3–July 1, 2011, New Brunswick, NJ.

  • Princeton Arts Council, Paul Robeson Gallery, Material Translations: Artists’ Books from 1970 until Now, curated by Michael Joseph,  October 7–November 24, 2010, Princeton, NJ.

  • Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers, Newark Campus, Break the Silence, The Glassbook Project, June 4–July27, 2011, Newark, NJ.

  • Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, BOOKED, curated by Maddy Rosenberg, November 2–December 15, 2012, Easton, PA.

  • Central Booking Gallery at Vespa Properties, Feminism and the Artist’s Book, an exhibit that was organized together and concurrent with “Six years: Lucy Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art at the Brooklyn Museum, October 19–December 30, 2012, Brooklyn, NY.  

  • Central Booking Gallery, Color and the Mind’s Eye, September 8–October 23, 2011, Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Hunterdon Museum of Art, Useless Tools, solo show of sculptures made from hand tools and artist’s book containing instructions on how to use the tools. Curated by Mary Birmingham. February11–June12, 2011, Clinton, NJ. Exhibit was featured on NJTV’s State of the Arts program.

  • Newark Public Library, one-person show in two glass cases on third floor, exhibited simultaneously with student work from various Glassbook Projects, along with work by Nick Kline and other Glassbook artists on entire third floor and main library, October 14–December 31, 2010, Newark, NJ. 

  • Newark Public Library, Between the Letters, a performance done in collaboration with book-artist Rebecca Kelly.  A 6000 page booked titled Between the Letters was expanded to surround the entire third floor balcony. The length of the book fully expanded book is 240 yards. Done in conjuction with a poetry reading about the long term effect of trauma called Beyond Sensationalism, October 28th, 2011, Newark, NJ. 

  • Central Booking Gallery, Measure for Measure, February 10–April 3, 2011, Brooklyn, NY.  

  • Museum of American Glass, Wheaton Art Center, The Glassbook Project, June 18–September 12, 2010, Millville, NJ. 

  • Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, Lighten Up, an invitational exhibit of sculptural light fixtures curated by Michelle Post, November –December 2010, Millville NJ. 

  • Princeton Arts Council, Taplin Gallery, Re-inventing the Wheel, a MOVIS exhibition curated by John Goodyear, May 8–July 2, 2010 Princeton, NJ. Catalog, p 20. 

  • Traffic Zone Center for the Visual Arts, X-Libris: The Re-purposed Book, curated by Harriet Bart and Dennis John, September 9–October 16, 2009, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Noyes Museum of Art, curated by Michelle Post and David Carrow, April 29–July 1, 2008, Hammonton, NJ.

  • Wheaton Art and Cultural Center, Highwater Sculpture Invitational, curated by Michelle Post and David Carrow, July 19–September 1, 2008, Millville, NJ.

  • Gallery in the Garden, tenth annual exhibit of outdoor sculpture and other artwork in art dealer Eileen Tognini’s sculpture garden, June 2008, Drehersville, PA.

  • Artworks, How We See What We See, curated by Kate Graves, September 14–October 12, 2008, Trenton, NJ.

  • Artworks, Old’s Cool: Assemblage, curated by Glenn Moore, November 8–December 27, 2007, Trenton, NJ.  

  • Women and Gender Studies Gallery, Princeton University, Bodies of Water, two-person show with Carol Armstrong, March 4–April 6, 2006, Princeton, NJ.

  • Trenton City Museum, Rock/Paper, two-person show with Petro Hull, November 5–30, 2005, Trenton, NJ. 

  • Rutgers University, Dana Cotton Library, Special Collections, Animal Nature & Other Works, solo show, September 16–October 26, 2005, Newark, NJ. 

  • Women and Gender Studies Gallery, Princeton University, Pages from an Album, solo show, March 5–April 3, 2005, Princeton, NJ.

  • Dartmouth College, Hood Museum of Art, The Mark of Minimalism, Gifts of Works on Paper from Sarah Ann and Werner Kramarsky, April 9–May 29,  2005, Hanover, NH. Catalog p 4.

  • Firestone Library, Princeton University, exhibit in cases of book and jacket design from Princeton University Press, March–June, 2005, Princeton, NJ.

  • Erdman Gallery, Princeton Theological Seminary, Quatrains, February 21–April 3, 2004, Princeton, NJ.

  • Pringle Gallery, Visual Poetry, three-person show, May 7–June 1, 2002, Philadelphia, PA.

  • Yale University, Trumball College Art Space, exhibit in conjunction with Master’s Tea, September 27–October 3, 2002, New Haven, CT.

  • Mercer County Community College, Balance: Recent Work by John Franklin and Sarah Stengle, September 3–October 3, 2002, Trenton, NJ.

  • Trenton City Museum, TAWA Invitational, organized by Trenton Artists’ Workshop Association, June 22–July 28, 2002, Trenton, NJ.

  • Lehigh University, Zoellner Art Center, Without Me: Diverse Themes, solo show, September 12–November 12, 2001, Bethlehem, PA. , Forty page catalog accompanied exhibit. 

  • University of North Carolina, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Finely Drawn: A Recent Gift of Contemporary Drawings, gift of Sarah Ann and Werner Kramarsky, July 15–September 23, 2001, Greensboro, NC.

  • Donnell Library Center, exhibit of artists’ books curated by Miriam Schaer and Maddy Rosenberg, October 2000, New York, NY. 

  • Lehigh University, Girdler Gallery, A Life in Art: Celebrating Thirty Years of Women at Lehigh, organized by Lucy Gans with students from the Women’s Studies program, October 2000, Bethlehem, PA.

  • Savannah College of Art and Design, exhibit of artists’ books curated by Carol Pulin of the American Print Alliance, May 2000, Savannah, GA.

  • Brooklyn Museum of Art, Working in Brooklyn: Artists’ Books, curated by Deirdre Lawrence, February–April 2000, Brooklyn, NY. Catalog p 31.

  • Nexus Press, The Atlanta Book Prize, exhibit of artists’ book award winners, honorable mention for book Truth, 2000, Atlanta, GA.

  • Berkshire Community College, Koussevitzky Art Gallery, Image and Text, March 2000, Pittsfield, MA.

  • Central Arts, Ma(r)king, curated by Elaine King, February 2000, Tucson, AZ.

  • Minnesota Center for Book Arts, New York Bound, exhibit of artist’s books curated by Maureen Cummins, 1998, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Landesmuseum, Die Kunst der Linie (The Art of the Line), exhibit comparing contemporary and sixteenth century drawings, 1998, Linz, Austria. Catalog p 86.

  • University of Hawaii, exhibit of small sculpture, traveled to museums and university galleries throughout Pacific Rim for thirty months, 1997–99, Honolulu, HI.

  • Lehigh University, Dubois Gallery, Sculptures, Objects, and Notebooks, solo show, 1996, Bethlehem, PA.

  • De-centered, traveling show organized by the Contemporary Arts Corridor, traveled to three area universities: Lehigh University, Bethlehem PA; Lafayette College, Easton PA; and the University of Scranton, Scranton, PA. 1996.

  • Doshi Center for Contemporary Art, Abstraction, 1995, Harrisburg, PA.

  • Abbington Art Center, Works on Paper, 1994, Philadelphia, PA. Catalog. 

  • Kutztown University, New Arts Program, invitational exhibit of small works, 1994, Kutztown, PA. 

  • Byers’ Choice Corporate Headquarters, Bucks County Sculpture Show, sponsored by the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, 1994, Chalfont, PA.

  • Pentimenti Gallery, November, 1994, Philadelphia, PA.

  • 1708 Gallery, curated by Gary Stephan, 1994, Richmond, VA. 

  • University of Hawaii, traveling show of small sculpture, 1994–96, Honolulu, HI. Catalog p 134.

  • Middletown Art Center, 3D in ‘94, 1993, Middletown, NY.

  • Central Missouri State University, Art Center, Ninth Annual Greater Midwest International, 1993, Warrensburg, MO.

  • A.I.R. Gallery, Artists Invite Artists, December 1988, New York, NY.

  • Visual Arts Gallery, exhibit curated by William Tucker, 1987, New York, NY.

  • A.I.R. Gallery, December Invitational, 1987, New York, NY.


Mile Long Book

The Mile Long Book is an ongoing community based project started in 2014.  At least three hundred people have already participated in book-folding sessions at various locations in Saint Paul, including three Art Crawls, the Riverside Library, three West Side public schools, and visits to the community center at Torre Garcia. It has been extended accross the Mississippi River along the Smith Avenue High Bridge in Saint Paul twice as part of the annual Art on the Avenue Event organized by the West Side Community Organization (WSCO). The unfoldings of the book took place on August 9, 2014 and again on August 15, 2015.  It was funded, in part, by a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. The book was included in The River: Memory and Metaphor on the Mississippi, at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, March 4– July 10, 2016.



Nearest Neighbor Problems, forty-four drawings done as two nearly identical groups of twenty-two drawings, on silver gelatins photographs of Monticello, Illinois, taken by Tim Carpenter. The drawings mix the meticulously composed photographs of prosaic subject matter with mathematical imagery superimposed in graphite. The work was exhibited at the Joint Mathematical Meeting in San Antonio, TX, in January, 2015 and at Buy the Book, Art Fair held at Central Booking Art Space, November, 2015. 

YES/NO, collaboration with mathematician Erik Demaine in which an origami pattern was computer generated to fold into a form that would negate itself. The  two patterns (No which is Yes, and Yes which is No) were made into a poster and a drawing; both were exhibited Central Booking Gallery, March 3–April 10, 2011, Brooklyn, NY.  The project pattern is available to download at 

Dream Dirt, and Juvenile Fantasies & Innocent Dreams, two books done simultaneously in collaboration with author Michael Joseph, both with the same text. Juvenile Fantasies & Innocent Dreams is a paperback book with 28 one-sentence stories by Michael Joseph with 28 one-sentence responses by Sarah Stengle published by Cats-in-the-Basement Press, June, 2013, New York, NY. Dream Dirt  is an artist book the the form of an elongated train car with each of the 28 stories and responses presented as scrolls in small glass vials bound together as a very elongated “O” scale toy train car. Produced as an edition of seven with two artist’s proofs.

Bodies of Water, A series of images done in collaboration with Carol Armstrong and photographed by Carol Armstrong, exhibited at Women and Gender Studies Gallery, Princeton University, Photographs from this collaboration were published in Where Water Meets the Land: Carol Armstrong, Fernando Azavedo and Leonardo Kossoy, Essay By Paulo Herkenhoff, Published by E. Ermakoff, Casa Editorial, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008

Co-author of Magic Square as Palimpsest, with Gary Greenfield, Ph.D. Presented at the International Society for Math, Art, and Architecture Conference in San Sebastian, Spain and at the Math and Art Conference in Kansas City, MO.

Awards and Grants

  • Artist Inititive Grant, 2016, Minnesota State Art Board. Received funding to build five sculptural harps, and five chairs on skis to become a large participatory installation that can be placed on ice or snow, and be moved from location to location. Scheduled venues include the Saint Paul Art Crawl  and Art On the Avenue in Saint Paul, MN. 

  • Art Shanties Project, received funding to do four performances of Inward Music on Ice, White bear Lake. This performances included hand made lap harps, hand made xylophones, custom mittens fitted with sticks and picks for playing in cold weather and two chairs on skis for participants to sit on while paying. Three weekends in February, 2016.

  • Metropolitan Regional Art Council grant in support of the Mile Long Book project under the auspcies of the West Side Community Organization in Saint Paul, MN, March of 2014. The Mile long Book is a community based project being created in afterschool programs, community centers, and local public art events such as the Art Crawl in Lowertown and the Art on the Avenue event , both in Saint Paul, MN. The  book was extended over the Smith Avenue High Bridge in Saint Paul, accross the Mississippi, in August 9, 2014 and again on July 25, 2015.

  • Ambassador Award for Education, awarded to the GlassBook Project by the New Jersey Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma for extraordinary contribution to the effort to raise mental health awareness and combat stigma.  Award was for Domestic Abuse Collection, which I taught together with Nick Kline of Rutgers University, and Helga Luest, founder of Witness Justice. May, 2010.

  • New Jersey Glass Workshop, residence grant to attend a five-day workshop in glass casting at Creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, Millville, New Jersey. Workshop taught by Hank Adams. May 5-10, 2008

  • Women’s Studio Workshop, production grant to produce an artist book, Animal Nature, in an edition of one hundred copies, completed June, 2004

  • Artist’s book, Truth, received honorable mention in the Atlanta Book Prize sponsored by Nexus Press, Atlanta, GA, 2000.

Selected Collections

Carol Armstrong, New Haven, CT

Art Institute of Chicago, Joan Flasch Collection, Chicago, IL

Baylor University, Waco, TX

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Library, Special Collections, Brooklyn, NY

Noelle Brower, Brooklyn, NY

Tim Carpenter, Brooklyn, NY

Maureen Cummins, Bearsville, NY

Alexi Assmus-Dodge & Robert Dodge, Princeton, NJ

Jennifer & Evan Dodge, Mill Valley, CA

Rebekah & Stephen Dupont, Mendota Heights, MN

Ellarslie, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ 

David Gibson, New York, NY

John Gibson, New York, NY

Kate Graves, Morrisville, NJ

Gary Greenfield, Richmond, VA

Jack Ginsburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Harvard University, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

Hawaii State Foundation for the Arts, Honolulu, HI

Dartmouth College, Hood Museum of Art, Hanover, NH

Indiana University Libraries, Special Collections, Bloomington, IN

Brian & Linda Hill, Trenton, NJ 

Michael Joseph, New York, NY

Werner & Sarah Ann Kramarsky, New York, NY

Yusef Komanyaaka, New York, NY 

Maria Lindenfeldar, Princeton, NJ

Lehigh University Art Galleries, Bethlehem, PA

Bruce Lindsay, Yardely, PA

Miranda Maher, Brooklyn, NY

Jean Mikita-Sashihara, Princeton, NJ

Jean Muller & Michael Johngren, Princeton, NJ

Christina Olsen Speisel, New Haven, CT 

Laura Tringali Holmes, Brewster, NY

Michelle Post and David Caro, Millville, NJ

Rochester Institute of Technology, Library, Special Collections, Rochester, NY 

Rutgers University, Alexander Library Collection, New Brunswick, NJ 

Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, NY

Michael Samuel, San Jose, CA

Morning Slayter, New York, NY

Mina Takahshi, New York, NY

University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Virginia Commonwealth University Library, Special Collections, Richmond, VA 

Autin Wright, Hamilton, NJ

University of South Carolina, Weatherspoon Gallery, Greensboro, NC 

Yale University Libraries, Bienecke Library, Special Collections, New Haven, CT


Publications, Catalogs & Reviews

  • Mathematical Art, Exhibit Catalog from the Joint Mathematics Meeting, Seattle, 2016.  Ed. Robert Fathauer, Phd, Color illstr, p. 78 . Published by Bridges Association (

  • Carengie Mellon Today, Short highlight with illstr. “Nearest Neighbor Problem, Collaboration with Timothy Carpenter, volume 12, #2, p. 18. May 2015, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. 

  • Why Did the Book Cross the Bridge?, Pioneer Press, August 6, 2014, article by Mary Ann Grossman about The Mile Long Book and its first unfolding on the High Bridge in Saint Paul. Front page callout with color photo, with lead article in the Arts and Entertainment section. The article was also included in over twenty national and regional newpapers, including the Washington Times, and the Boston Globe. 

  • Art and Evolution: a Work in Progress, Scientific Amercian Guest Blog, by Yasmin Tayag and Brent Wells, May 6, 2014, on-line review of art and science exhibit at Central Booking Gallery featuring a photograph of Evolution at Work. 

  • Juvenile Fantasies and Innocent Dreams, paperback book about dirt containing 28 one-sentence stories by Michael Joseph and 28 one-sentence responses by Sarah Stengle. 56 pages. Published by Cats-in-the-Basement Press, New York, NY, 2013. Book was exhibited, along with Dream Dirt, a corresponding artist’s book, at the New Jersey Book Symposium, Alexander Library, Rutgers, New Brunswick. November 1, 2013. 

  • Useless Tools, artist book that was published in conjunction with exhibit at Hunterdon Museum, text by Sarah Stengle and Michael Joseph, 64 pages, 20 color plates, 2012. 

  • Central Booking Magazine, Volume II Issue V, BOOKED, article by Jae Rossman, illustration of Why Utility Pleases, p 15. 2012.

  • Central Booking Magazine, Volume II, Issue I, 2011, cover illustration, back cover illustration, full page illustration p 10, article pp 16-18, Mathematical Art: Recent Developments and Critical Context. 

  • NJTV, State of the Arts, short feature on Useless Tools, the studio in Trenton, and designing books at Princeton University Press. Aired twice in 2011 and on-line at

  • Princeton Arts Council, Reinventing the Wheel: A Spin on Marcel Duchamp and Charlie Chaplin, curated by John Goodyear, catalog, color illustration, p 20.Princeton, NJ 2011.

  • Yale University Press and the Fifth Floor Foundation, co-publication. A New York Collection of Drawing Works, 1991-2006, ed. Amy Eschoo, pp. 138,140, 156,159,180 and 184. 2008.

  • Mathematics and Aesthetics, New Approaches to an Ancient Affinity, Nathalie Sinclair and William Higginson, eds. pp. 54-55. Canadian Mathematical Society, 2006.

  • Where Water Meets the Land, exhibition catalog essay by Paulo Herkenhoff. Exhibit catalog of photographs by Carol Armstrong, Fernando Azedevo and Leonardo Kossoy. Color illstr, p 11-27 excerpts from a collaboration. Published by G. Ermakoff, Casa Editorial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2005.

  • Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Gifts of Works on Paper from Sarah Ann and Werner Kramarsky, six page exhibit guide, p 4, color illustr. 2002.

  • Rider University Art Gallery, Altered Books: Spine Bending Thrillers, guest curator Karen McDermott, catalog, p 30-31, color illustr. 2002. 

  • Princeton Packet, Time Off, The Meaning of Meow, July 26, 2002, Princeton, NJ, p 5, illustrs. Town Topics, Art Column, Trenton Exhibition Shows Princeton Artist’s Work, p 18, illustr., Princeton, NJ, July 3, 2002, 

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  • University of Hawaii, Sixth International Shoe Box Sculpture Exhibit, catalog, p 134, color illustr., 1997 

  • The Abbington Art Center, Works on Paper, catalog, curated by Paul Wong, p 11, illustr., 1995.

  • The Intelligencer, Artful Order, by Adrienne Redd, Doylestown, PA, p D1, cover article, color illustrs., March 18, 1995.

  • University of Hawaii, Fifth International Shoe Box Sculpture Exhibit, catalog, p 125, color illustr. 1994.


Links, Videos and Blogs



  • New Jersey Book Art Symposium, Rutgers University, Alexander Library, New Brunswick, NJ. Read and “intoned” entire text, including redacted text, of artist book Polar Porn: An Allegory of Forgiveness, November 5, 2015.

  • Center for Book Arts, Livre d’Artiste d’Aujourd’hui: Interdisciplinary Collaborations, Panel discussion of collaboration in the Book Arts, New York, NY, September 10, 2014.

  • Central Booking Gallery, Developments in Mathematical Art, moderated panel discussion with Dr. George Hart, Dr. Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine, and Susan Happersett, March 24, 2011.

  • Rutgers University, Speaker at the New Jersey Conference on the Book Arts, Newark, NJ. November 8, 2003 

  • Master’s Tea, Yale University, talk on works on paper, New Haven, CT, September 26, 2002.

  • Speaker, Lehigh University Art and Architecture Lecture Series, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA. Presented sculptures, drawings, discussed issues of scale and connotations of materials, 1995.

  • Speaker, Math and Art Conference, State University of New York, Albany, NY. Presented a group of sequential drawings based on reaction/diffusion equations, June, 1995.

  • Curator, Vital Ground, sculpture and painting based on elements from landscape. Included works by Alan Sonfist, Eve Laramee, Sam Cady, and others. Griffin McGear Gallery, New York, NY, December, 1989.


Additional Education

  • Minnesota School of Botanical Art, Entomological illustration, winter, 2015; drawing collections, spring 2015, Minneapolis, MN

  • High Point Press, introduction to etching, spring 2013, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Medieval chanting, summer courses, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Hepponiemi, Finland.

  • Voice lessons, Westminster Choir College, Community Program, fall, 2010, and spring, 2011. 

  • Princeton University Press, three month internship in book design, May–August 2003, Princeton, NJ. 

  • Center for Book Arts, Bookbinding II, spring, 2001, New York, NY.

  • Brooke Merrill-Tinney, private instruction in bookbinding, 1999­­–2001, Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Maureen Cummins, private instruction in printing and book design, spring, 1999, Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Private pilot’s license for single engine aircraft, VFR, received July, 1997, Cape May, NJ.

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