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A book must be the ax for the frozen sea within us.                 

—Franz Kafka

MAKE A PAGE OUT OF ICE: Use a block of ice, any size, any shape (one you have found or created, outdoors or in your freezer) and shape it as a space for expression. Freeze art, poetry, sculpture, drawing, messages, seeds, natural materials and more within/around/on/under it. Note how and for how long the ice stays frozen, how it contains as well as melts and changes and how its message transforms as warmth unlocks it. Photograph your project at post the photograph to the Pages from the Frozen Sea Facebook page.


WHEN: On or before Saturday, January 28, 2017. 


WHERE: In your city, town, at your beach, in the woods, on the water, on a sidewalk, in a park, anywhere in the world.


HOW: You could make your project using found ice, or, depending on where you live, you could use a freezer to create it. Containers may be filled and frozen in layers, with elements added. You may need to plan ahead or you may want to be spontaneous. 


WHO: This is an open call to participate for artists, poets, writers, thinkers, performers, musicians, students and teachers of all ages and from around the world. 


SHARE: On or before January 28, 2017, please document your frozen or melting artwork and post your photographs to Pages from the Frozen Sea on Facebook.



Please be mindful of the environmental and social consequences of what you do. We do not want this project to add to any further pollution or discord to the world. We reserve the right to remove documentation of contributions we deem hateful or harmful. 




OPEN CALL: Pages from the Frozen Sea

Co-Curators:  Eva Mantell & Sarah Stengle

Click on PDF icon on the right to download complete instructions and curator's statements

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