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  • Sarah Stengle

"Private Cosmology" as read by Rick Bunker

Rick Bunker, long time friend and collector, made this video in 2008 of my first artist's book, "Private Cosmology", from 1998. The artwork shown is both the frontispiece from "Animal Nature" my second edition book. The original book is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Otis Library Special Collections, Banff Center Artists' Book Archive, Rutger's University Alexander Library Special Collections, and (of course) the collection of Rick Bunker.

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Apr 05, 2023

Create book of life? Share library collection on-line?


Jul 06, 2022

Wouldn't it be an awwwsome joy

to do your magnificent craft in

Seventh-Heaven? Yet, what art

thou doing to promote the Trinity

and live at peace insteadOpieces?

Solution? Lemme ask a question:

Q: where dost thou findest THE truth,

my just and worthy liege??

A: not from the L nor the R in this

feeble, fallible, finite existence.

I assume you know what a NDEr is:

millions around the world have

experienced as I went through.

'Follow us Uppastairs by honoring

the Mudda of God if you don'ta do

nthn else, kapiche, wiseguy??' -sez

the sauve, savvy, Sicilian Carnivæl

Barker (aint sHe anti-establishment?)

☆ ☆


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